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Welcome to my website.

My goal is to offer affordable dramatic landscape prints to benefit the less fortunate people of the world. I will use the net proceeds generated from sales to support non-profit organizations working in Haiti, around the globe, and locally here at home.

A few organizations that I'm currently making contributions to are Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (Somali health care provider and refugee camp) CARE (famine in Horn of Africa) ChildFund International (sponsor two young girls and their families in Sierra Leone and Uganda) A few organizations I have contributed to in the past are Partners In Health , UNICEF. Project 81, and Destiny Village.

When you purchase a print you will not only be getting a piece of art to hopefully enjoy, but supporting people in need; be that people who endure a life that we can hardly fathom in developing countries, or your neighbor struggling down the street.

The following links are clips I made to raise awareness about the plight of Haiti: Life in Haiti & Faces of Haiti

- In the "Gallery" tab you will find the prints offered for sale and pricing. Framing is available upon request. All prints can be customized to fit your preference. Contact me about any special requests.

- In the "Haiti Gallery" you will find some photos I have taken on my visits to Haiti. These images are not priced but if you are interested in purchasing one contact me.

- You will find info on the print paper, mats, etc... in the "Print Info" page under the "menu" tab.

If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me by clicking on the "menu" button and then select "Contact".

Thank you for visiting my website!

Mark H. Bergstrom



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